Parent-Led Autism Intervention Training Series (PLAI)


Parent-Led Autism Intervention Training Series is an ongoing video training series created exclusively for parents! Learn the evidence-based teaching methods used by professionals in Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA).


Increase your child's skills in these critical areas:

  • Behavior

  • Language

  • Communication

  • Daily Living Skills/Routines

  • School Readiness

  • Play/Leisure Skills

  • Gross Motor/Exercise

  • Safety Skills

  • Social Skills


Our exclusive Parent-Led Autism Intervention Video Course: ABA Training Guide for Parents was developed as a foundational "roadmap" that  will enable you to teach your child new skills and behaviors in any environment with easy-to-use video modules! Learn by watching videos that will teach you how to effectively implement ABA teaching techniques and behavioral strategies to achieve the best outcomes for your child. 



This is what you will learn:

  • Module 1: Reinforcement

  • Module 2: Discrete Trial Teaching

  • Module 3: Task Analysis

  • Module 4: Functions of Behavior

  • Module 5: Teach During Play

  • Module 6: Data Collection

  • Module 7: Behavioral Strategies

  • Step-by-Step Demonstration Videos

  • Sample Data Sheets and Forms




Make lasting changes for your child on the autism spectrum!

  • Promote natural language

  • Teach while engaging in daily routines and fun activities

  • Practical strategies/techniques that are easy to follow and incorporate into your busy life

  • No Technical Jargon


The Parent-Led Autism Intervention Video Course is perfect to use alone

or as a supplement to your child's existing ABA therapy.


Great for rural areas where access to services is limited.

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Expand your training and knowledge with the PLAI Plus Video Subscription.


For only 14.95 a month

Get unlimited access to:

  • A variety of training videos that are short, focused, and practical to use.

  • program videos that you can use to teach new skills.

  • Digital products and downloadable materials


Great as a supplement to the Parent-Led Autism Intervention Video Courses.

The Parent-Led Autism Intervention Video Series: A Guide to Reinforcement and Discrete Trial Teaching Mini Course

This course will focus on delivering reinforcement effectively and implementing discrete trial teaching


Module 1: Reinforcement

Module 2: Discrete Trial Teaching

Step-by-Step Demonstration Videos

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Additional Services


The Parent-Led Autism Intervention Video Course:  School Readiness Skills


Coming Soon!


This course will focus on preparing your child to participate in the school classroom. Learn how to teach your child the necessary skills for success in school!

ABA Training Guide for Parents Preview


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  • Private training sessions for parents 

  • Therapist training for parent hired therapists

  • Teacher training sessions

We offer school consultation and teacher/staff training for school districts

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Trainers are BCBA's, BCaBA's, RBT's and specially trained Behavior Technicians that have extensive experience in autism intervention.