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The Parent-Led Autism Intervention Video Course: ABA Training Guide for Parents

This course is a comprehensive, foundational roadmap for all other video courses. Learn how to promote natural language and teach your child new skills and behavior in any environment.

  • Module 1: Reinforcement

  • Module 2: Discrete Trial Teaching

  • Module 3: Task Analysis

  • Module 4: Functions of Behavior

  • Module 5: Teach During Play

  • Module 6: Data Collection

  • Module 7: Behavioral Strategies

  • Step-by-Step Demonstration Videos

  • Sample Data Sheets and Forms

  • Bonus Module: Guide to School Readiness

I'm Ready for School! Guide to School Readiness Skills

Prepare your child for success in school. Learn how to teach the behavioral skills needed to achieve in the school setting.

  • Module 1: Reinforcement

  • Module 2: Discrete Trial Teaching

  • Module 3: School Readiness skills

  • Demonstration Videos